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Difficult life choices.


mercedes-benz sprinter

Embrace this impressively-modern-tiny-home-with-serious-wow-factor-dwell-magazine-vibe from the moment you slide open the door. Anywhere these 4 wheels can take you, expect a simple, clean, minimal travel and living experience. Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinters also fit within a standard parking spot and have back-up cameras, so no 10-minute walks from the depths of the parking lot to Whole Foods.

volkswagen westfalia camper

Camping hasn’t really changed since the 80’s but we’ve updated the living quarters of our 1987 VW Westfalia’s with a modern flair. Oh you’ll still get the lovers of nostalgia turning their heads when you drive by, but you might also make friends along the way that peer inside of the camper and say, “Super rad, dude!” It’s the perfect blend of 80’s charm and modern creature comforts.


Go Here

Hit the open road and choose your own adventure. The Pacific Northwest and interior is literally one of the best places in the world to explore.

Check out our suggested routes and chart your course.


The Experience

Maybe you’re not quite feeling the financial spend that comes with the hotel plus rental car, but also the days of waking up sore, tired, and in a tent are more sporadic events.

Why not try existing in under 90 sq ft of clean, comfort filled, minimal living for a change?

Vancouver is the absolute perfect hub for you to start your adventure from too. Honestly, whatever direction you drive from, you’ll find what you’re looking for, and amazing experiences that you didn’t expect.




Maybe you've just got off a long flight or are anxious to hit the road before the rest of the weekend warriors do.

The process could not be any easier.

  1. Pre-select your pick-up location when you make your reservation.

  2. We'll be there with the keys waiting for you.

  3. Turn the key, hit the gas.

Everything you need to know about the camper is in there for you in print, digital format, and "worst case Ontario", call us if you have a question.

When you're done, simply drop-off the camper and we'll take care of the rest.