How do I pick-up & drop-off

We offer valet-style pick-up and drop-off from any of the following Translink Skytrain Stations. You pick the station during the online booking process and we'll have the van there for you. Drop-off at the same place when you're done.  Here's the list of stations that we valet to / from:

  • Canada Place

  • VCC–Clark

  • Main Street–Science World

  • Gilmore

  • Moody Centre

  • Coquitlam Central

  • Lincoln

  • Lafarge Lake–Douglas

If you want to pick-up the vehicle in Vancouver but drop it off somewhere like Calgary, or vice versa we're open to that. We love a good road trip and we can let you know the cost of this if you are curious. Submit your inquiry via the form on this page.

We don’t do airport pick-ups as its quite out of the way, but for a crisp $100 we can make that a reality.


How far can I drive?

Before your trip, hit up Google Maps to get an idea of how many km's you'll be travelling. You get 150km per day included with the vehicle, but if you think you'll exceed that, you should evaluate beforehand if you'll need to purchase additional mileage packs. These need to be added at the time of booking and Honest Camper would calculate any overages once the vehicle is returned which would be added to the final invoice. 

150 km per day FREE

Add 500km to your total $100

Unlimited km Package $25 / day

Each km over your daily limit $0.35 / km


What happens if the vehicle breaks down?

SHIT HAPPENS! Let's hope it doesn’t, but if it does, we can deal with it. A positive attitude on everyone’s part is the key to success.

Our vehicles come with Roadside Assistance so help is available. They're great for things like jump starting a vehicle, towing, locked the keys in the vehicle etc. However, call Honest Camper first and we can point you in the right direction.

The Mercedes-Benz sprinters are brand new and covered under warranty and need to be worked on by certified German car scientists, so taking them to Steve's Discount Auto & Cocktails is not advised. 

That said, for the VW's in particular, they are over 30 years old and you should seriously embark on your journey with an understanding of the possibility that something could come up. For the few that experience this, small issues actually become a fond memory of teamwork. At least that’s what we tell ourselves at night.

We have 24/7 coverage in Canada & the US via Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance. Here is a list of what is covered (Gold Plan Membership)

You will not be held responsible for any mechanical failures that occur as a result of normal driving. Worst case, if you have to abandon ship for repairs, we will do our best to get you back on the road as soon as possible, however we will only reimburse you for any night you are not able to physically sleep in the van. Honest Camper is also not responsible for any costs associated with other reservations such as hotels, flights, and ferries.

If anything happens, call us first. 



I have fuel questions!

This is all you. Each rental comes with a full tank of gas. Super crucial note: Mercedes-Benz Sprinters run on diesel. If you put regular gas into these, bad things happen and you're on the hook for repairs related to that. Big $. 

You might wonder how far these vehicles can go on a tank, here's some rough numbers:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 850km - 900km (~$90 CDN to fill-up)

VW Vanagon Westfalia 400km - 450km (~$70 CDN to fill-up)

When you return the vehicle, please refill the tank. We're not dinks like the rental car companies but if we need to refill the tank, we'll charge for the cost of fuel and $25 on top. 


Can I get a discount for booking a camper for longer?


You get a ‘rebate’ style amount of money back on your purchase. Note: This is strictly a dollar amount back, you would not also get the tax back that you paid on any nights in your booking. Ie: Imagine you bought at $200 TV (plus tax) that had a $50 rebate. You get the $50 rebate back post-purchase but not any of the tax you paid on the $200. Make sense?

  • Book 7 nights, 1 night rental amount returned

  • Book 14 nights, 2 nights rental amount returned

  • Book 21 nights, 3 nights rental amount returned

  • Book 28 nights, 4 nights rental amount returned

  • Book 35 nights, 5 nights rental amount returned

  • Book more than 35 nights? Feel free to apply the same logic as above.

NOTE: It won't show up online in the booking tool when you reserve your camper, but when your security deposit is returned to you, your ‘rebate’ will be applied then.


Do I need to pay a deposit for the reservation?

At the time of booking, there's a 50% deposit to hold your reservation. This comes off your total rental price. 


When is my credit card charged for the balance of my rental amount?

We will send you an online invoice the week of your departure. We don’t keep credit cards on file so you’d need to pay this online.  

We are a Canadian company and accept payment in Canadian Dollars.

We accept the following: Visa, Mastercard, Amex


Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes, it’s $1000 CAD. This is a precautionary charge to account for any additional post drop-off charges such as refuelling, pet cleaning, additional km's over your limit, extra time fees. If none of the above additional fees are incurred, the $1000 is refunded within 10 business days post drop-off. The online platform we use is Square and they quote between 7 - 10 business days.


What about insurance?

All campers come with the following:

  • Comprehensive insurance for fire, theft, and vandalism

  • Collision insurance

  • Third party liability insurance

If you want to bring additional coverage - check with your credit card or insurance company first as some do not cover international rentals or have limitations on "RV" rentals. This is on you to sort.

If an insurance related event occurs, the renter (you), pays the deductibles. They are as follows: 

  • Fire, theft, and vandalism ($300)

  • Collision insurance ($500)

  • Third party liability insurance

  • Broken or cracked windshield ($200)

  • Vehicle wrap damage ($250)

  • Rim scuff ($50)

Lot's of rental companies will also charge daily rates for insurance but we include a commercial insurance policy into your booking to make life easier for you and so that there's not another line item added to your rental. This means, you don't need to pay extra per day through us for insurance with your rental. HOWEVER, if something does happen and there is the need to pay a deductible, as mentioned, this is on the renter (you) to pay. Even the $500 deductible is much less than what you'd see at other RV rental places ($2500 <gulp!>).

So, let's say you're driving and a rock hits the windshield. Instead of paying a $2500 deductible, you'd pay a $200 deductible. 

Or worse, let's say you get in an accident and it's your fault. The cost for vehicle damage coverage (Collision) is a $500 deductible. 

Please note, most credit cards and many home insurance policies do NOT cover the rental of recreational vehicles and our campers ARE classified as RVs. Most credit card companies and many auto insurance policies do NOT cover international vehicle rentals of any kind. Please check with your insurance agent or credit card company prior to booking. 


Any age or licensing restrictions?

While Lego has many items listed as appropriate for those aged 0-99, we're a bit more fussy. You need to be at least 25 years old to rent our vehicles. 

On the rental agreement you'll need to list who will be driving the vehicle and said persons will need to provide driver's license numbers at the time of booking. 


What condition of vehicle should I expect?

At the time of pick-up, you'll be provided with an inspection list of what has been checked prior to you taking the vehicle. Things like, fuel, propane, sheets, fridge, stove top, water etc. If the vehicle has any pre-existing conditions, it will be noted here as well. Much like a rental car, you need to check these yourself prior to liftoff. If there's any that are off, send us documentation of this (email with picture would be fine) so we can make note of it and there won't be any charges coming your way post drop-off.

Our Retro VW's come with 30 years worth of love built-in, so we know there are a bunch of tiny bumps and dings that have a story behind each. We're not too concerned with those. There are some interesting clicks, creaks, and clangs that come with these campers too. We call that character. :)


Can I bring a pet?

We like pets. But not everyone does. So we ask that if you're bringing your pet, you extend the same respect that you would as if you were visiting someone's house. Meaning, no pets on the bed / couch. Don't let them destroy the place. At the discretion of Honest Camper, if we get a vehicle back and deem it to require additional cleaning to bring the vehicle back to a state of feeling non-pet-inhabited, there is a $100 fee for that. 


I can't smoke on planes, but can I smoke in a camper van?

No smoking in the campers. Again, at the discretion of Honest Camper, a $100 cleaning fee if the van is returned smelling like darts. Smoke whatever you want outside though. :)


How do they drive?

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinters have a beefy 3L V6. The ride is smooth and apart from sitting up higher in your seats, its very easy to drive. There's a backup camera to help you as well. These models are not the super long ones so they fit in standard parking spots. 

For the Retro VW's, if you are expecting a super smooth ride and muscle-car power, we have some bad news for you. While the engines on 2/3 of our fleet have been replaced with Ford Focus engines (40% more power vs the stock engine), the reality is that you're going to be driving a 30 year old HEAVY camper van. Quite honestly, steep hills are not an enjoyable experience if you’re in a hurry (stay to the right!). They creak. They make odd sounds. The engine is in the trunk so it's not the most quiet experience (though we've added plenty of sound dampening!). But you will enjoy is retro vibes, chill cruising, people checking out your vehicle adoringly, and you'll even get flashing headlights from other Westfalia brethren. 


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