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We started getting so many people asking about our vans that it made sense to offer build services. We know how to build the ultimate minimal, clean, tiny home on wheels so let us save you the time of watching hundreds of YouTube videos and trying to do it yourself.

If you like our vans, we'd be happy to replicate or customize onto your four-wheeled blank canvas. 

Volkswagen Wesfalia (Interior)

While we fully respect the iconic cabinetry of the Westy, we designed a more modern and minimal system. A single-height, clean, and simple look. Gone is the bulky rear closet and cabinet over the rear bench, which really opens up the space. The fridge is replaced with a state-of-the-art Dometic AC/DC unit (Does your original Westy fridge make ice cubes?). The cooktop and sink are replaced with a Dometic combo unit that has slick looking black glass tops. Concerned about storage? Well, the rear cabinet is actually super deep and you'd be surprised what you can fit in there. There's more kitchen drawer and cabinet space as well. USB fast charging, upholstery, door panels, carpets, and flooring can all be added as well.  

Volkswagen Wesfalia (Mechanical)

We do engine conversions using the Bostig (Ford) system. While the Subaru is a common conversion as well, the Bostig system is straightforward and has recieved a lot of positive community feedback. It's called 'being part of the club' when you've had your Westy towed (maybe you're already a member) and that's a club we want to avoid. The Bostig system offers improved performance, more power, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Not to mention, its generally cheap and easy to find Ford Focus parts vs genre specific VW van parts. 


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